Pregnancy & Your Body

During pregnancy we have an opportunity provide the foundation of health for the rest of our children's lives, but how do we know how healthy we are?

Your Body & Your Baby

Pregnancy is an amazing time. We have the ability to connect and share with our child in a way that no other stage of life allows. We share everything with our baby and they gain everything from us.

But this idea of sharing and gaining everything brings up a very important question:

What if your body doesn't have what your baby needs?

The health of our baby is determined by the health of our body. And the health of our body is determined well before we conceive.

Our health during pre-pregnancy has a huge effect on the health of your baby. Your baby is living off of what your body can provide exclusively for 9 months. That means all the vitamins, nutrients, proteins, healthy bacteria, etc that your baby needs to grow and develop are taken from the resources available in your own body. Therefore, if you are deficient in one area or another, your baby will experience a deficiency in that area as well.

Therefore, it is important to get the best nutritional foundation you can idealy before you concieve or as early on into pregnancy as you can to ensure that your body can provide everything your growing baby needs.  

Vitamin D & Pregnancy

Just recently, I came across a study highlighting the incredible role vitamin D has in the health of our babies brains.

Researchers studied pregnant women who were both vitamin D adequate and vitamin D deficient during pregnancy and then followed up with them when their babies turned 14 months old. After performing a series of tests measuring developmental and intellectual skill tests researchers found that babies who had vitamin D deficient mothers experienced significantly lower scores on mental and psychomotor tests.

Suggesting that vitamin D plays a significant role in the development of a healthy brain. Highlighting the importance that prior to pregnancy hopeful  mothers should ensure their vitamin D levels are adequate. 

Read the article HERE.

But how do we know if our vitamin and nutrient levels are adequate?

In the case of vitamin D, there is a simple blood test that any primary care physician can preform to measure your vitamin D levels. This will ensure that you are aware of your levels and are able to intervene before or early on into your pregnancy if they are low.

But how do we know about other vitamin and nutrients levels?

Just as this body of research highlights the important role of vitamin D during pregnancy for the health of the growing baby, there are many more vitamins and nutrients that are of equal significance. It can be overwhelming to feel in the dark about what nutrients our bodies have in abundant amounts and what nutrients we are in need of.

How do we know if we are getting enough from our food?

Are you absorbing nutrients efficiently?

Do I need to take X, Y & Z supplements?

These and many other questions may be flooding your mind. You are not alone. It is reassuring to be able to measure vitamin D at a doctors office and know for sure where you stand.

Can we do that with other vitamins, nutrients and body processes?

Today, blood tests exist that can measure your bodies stores of a whole plethora of essentail vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, toxins, as well as the general health and function of your system.

These tests provide an individualized picture of your bodies health and thus the environment that your baby will be growing within. These tests indicate our levels of vitamin D, folic acid, B12, choline and taurine all incredibly important nutrients for your baby during pregnancy as well as many, many more.

Here at TreatWellness we perform and cousel our clients on these blood tests, working individually with each client to fill in the holes in their diet and restore their bodies to optimum health!

These tests are a terrific tools for health at any point in your life; and are especially important surrounding the years of pregnancy.

Have you checked in with your body?

Health & Happiness,


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