New Toll System Will Affect West Newton

As the Mass. Pike switches to all-electronic tolling, previously toll-less routes will now have overhead toll collectors.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has announced as they switch over to all-electronic tolling on the Turnpike, there will now be a toll affecting drivers in West Newton.

The switch to an all-electronic tolling system entails eliminating cash tollbooths and installing overhead tolls that require payment to be made through an E-Z pass. Drivers without an E-Z pass will receive a bill through the mail.

CBS Boston reported that in the process, an overhead toll will be added in the Newton area of the turnpike where there currently is no toll.

Drivers traveling around Newton between I-95 and Exit 17 will be charged a 40-cent fee once the toll collectors are installed, according to the Boston Globe. Other routes will be cheaper, however, such as the drive from West Newton to downtown Boston (but only by about 5 cents).


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