Newton's Annual Spelling Bee: The Winners

The event, now in its fifth year, had several ties due to the high standard of spellers in this year's competition.

The following information was provided by the Mayor's Office for Cultural Affairs:

Congratulations to all the magnificent spellers that participated in the four spelling bees held at the in April. There was an overwhelming response in the registration for the fifth year of this event.

This year, the standard of the spellers was so high that the judges had to declare several ties, as the children made so few errors.

The Spelling Bees are organized by the Mayor's Office for the Cultural Affairs and are generously sponsored by Newton Community Pride. 

Newton Cultural Center Spelling Bee Winners 2012:

(With our apologies for any omissions that we have made, despite our best efforts)


First group:

First place - Porter Yahns (Horace Mann), Audrey Wang (Williams), Pranati Bala (Burr), Ram Bhatt (Peirce), Jack Eagan (Peirce), Mahima Vinay (Horace Mann)


Second group:

First place- Alexia Rindisbacher (Peirce), Bijan Atri (Angier)

Third place – Peter Kish (Peirce)


First Grade

First group:

First place - Maya Jha (Zervas), Nikhil Kothari (Horace Mann), Eric Zhang (Franklin)


Second group:

First place - Alexander Lee (Ward), Sam Nadai (Angier), Amelie Hopke (Newton Montessori)


Second Grade

First group:

First place – Hunter Young (Horace Mann)

Second place – Cheri Lookner (Countryside)


Second group:

First place – Ryan Aghazadeh (Countryside), Tess Bierly (Peirce), Reese Hillman (Underwood)


Third group:

First place – Fitch Perkins (Atrium), Aiden Wright (Cabot)

Third place - Ellie McBride (Franklin)


Fourth group:

First place - Noah Lyons (Cabot), Sunil Rosen (Memorial-Spaulding)

Third place - Ryo Vanderpool (Lincoln Eliot)


Third Grade

First group:

First place - Daniel Seong (Williams)

Second place - Owen Beaver (Mason-Rice), Aidan Leonard (Countryside)


Second group:

First place - Kayla Leon (Memorial-Spaulding), Nick Mahoney (Countryside)

Third place - Dominic Matos (Lincoln-Eliot)


Third group:

First place - Anna Kovarzin (Zervas), Ellie Wang

Third place - Arlan Abzhanov (British School of Boston)


Fourth Grade

First group:

First place - Evan Hsu (Bowen)

Second place - Aditya Saligrama (Ward), Julie Wise (Angier)


Second group:

First place - Kathryn Rhatigan (Zervas), Ethan Kopf ((Zervas)

Second place - Winnie Wang (The Chestnut Hill School)


Third group:

First place - Gregory Corn , Jasmine Duong (Franklin), Anabel Marre (Ward)

Second place - Joshua Brain (Lincoln Eliot)

Third place - Zachary Brain (Lincoln Eliot)


Fifth Grade

First group:

First place - Alyse Bierly (Peirce)

Second place - Isabel Macginnitie (Bowen)


Second group:

First place - Lucas Pratt

Third place - Youbeen Kim (The Chestnut Hill School), Matthew Leonard (Countryside)


Sixth Grade

First place - Cherissa Leon

Second place -  Bhairavi Chandersekhar (Oak Hill)

Third place - Kristen Miquel (Oak Hill)


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