Online Petition Set up for Upper Falls Greenway

Residents who are in favor of converting the abandoned rail bed into a bike/walking trail can sign a petition online to show their support.

Local residents looking to convert an old Upper Falls railroad bed into a bike and pedestrian trail are hoping to gain more support through an online petition set up earlier this month.

Supporters of the Newton Upper Falls Greenway have had written petitions circulating -- -- but now have created an online form for those who would like to see the project move forward. 

According to a website set up by Greenway supporters, the plan for the rail bed includes having the MBTA (who owns the property) lease the land to the city for $1. The city would then bring in the Iron Horse Preservation Society to create the trail.

The old rail corridor is a mile-long stretch of land that branches off the MBTA D Line and connects Newton Highlands to a scenic overlook of the Charles River. The supporters' website says the proposed path could also offer connections to other walking trails and parks in the area including the Charles River Pathway and Nahanton Park. 

For more information on the project, check out Patch blogger . 

What do you think of the proposed project? Do you support it? Are you against the idea? Send us your letters to the editor by emailing Melanie.Graham@patch.com. Or, post your thoughts in the comments below!

willy larson December 16, 2012 at 06:44 AM
i dont think this should happen i spend my whole childhood going on those tracks and if you take thoes tracks down you are taking my whole childhood away


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