Where Are the Coyotes in Newton?

A handy online tool helps residents report coyote sightings in Newton and find out the location of past sightings.

When it comes to coyote hangouts, it seems West Newton is the place to be. 

According to an interactive map on the city's website, the majority of coyote sightings in Newton occur in the neighborhoods of West Newton and Auburndale. 

The map, which has sightings spanning from January 2012 to this week, shows more than 30 coyote sightings between Auburndale Avenue and Derby Street. 

The online tool also helps residents report coyote sightings from their home computer. Residents simply enter their name, email address, time and location of the sighting and the information is added to the map as well as a list of recent sightings.

The sightings are then reported to the city's Animal Control staff, giving officials a better idea as to where and when coyotes are seen in Newton. 

Although the majority of the reported sightings seem to land in the West Newton/Auburndale area, the map shows coyote reports throughout the city. 

In just the last few days, sightings were reported on Derby Street (Dec. 10), Quinobequin Road (Dec. 9), Rokeby Road (Dec. 9), Kendall Road (Dec. 4), Parker Avenue (Dec. 4) and Beacon Street in Chestnut Hill (Dec. 1).

There has been growing concern among residents about the coyote population in Newton, especially after reports of coyotes attacking pets.

To help educate the residents about the wildlife population in Newton -- including crazed Turkeys -- the Newton Police Department has partnered with state wildlife experts to hold community meetings and information sessions, the most recent of which was held last month.

Have you recently seen a coyote in Newton? Tell us in the comments section below.

Randy January 30, 2013 at 08:10 AM
I nearly hit a wolf or coyote on rte 9 outside of where Milton's is located. It was just after midnight. I didn't see him until he was running in front of my car trying to get out of my way. He had to be running at least 45 mph in front of my car when I slammed on my brakes to avoid him. He slipped in front of my car ( I thought i had nicked him) then got his footing and took off across the lanes and ran across the Barnes & Noble parking lot and disappeared. Thank goodness I was the only car on the road. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted him running down the lane in front of my car because he couldn't cross the street to the mall side due to the fencing and barriers. I could have killed him for goodness sakes! I was heading toward Boston from Wellesley. Please be careful in your late night travels. Thanks.


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