Newton Featured in New Romantic Comedy Novel

Meet the Ladies of the Lake in "Newton Neighbors."

The locales featured in a new novel will be familiar to Newton residents.

Author Suzy Duffy uses Crystal Lake as a prime setting for her book "Newton Neighbors" which came out in late September. The book is a romantic comedy about its colorful residents just trying to “live the dream," including the Ladies of the Lake. 

According to the description on Amazon.com: "There’s Botox, Bollinger, and a randy Bulldog. We have fireworks, fistfights, and family fiestas. It’s a story that stretches from Boston, to London, to beautiful Puerto Rico."

The book is the second book in Duffy's New England Trilogy, which also includes "Wellesley Wives." She also has one in the works called the "Lincoln Ladies," due out in 2014.

See more on Duffy's website, www.suzyduffybooks.com.


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