New Cheesecake Factory Menus Will Post Drink Prices, Prevent Lawsuit

The Chestnut Hill Cheesecake Factory location will update their menus to include drink prices, the Boston Herald reports.

For some diners, looking at the bill can be a harrowing experience, especially if the menu doesn't include prices for certain items--such as beverages. Because of a threatened lawsuit, the Herald reports that the Chestnut Hill Cheesecake Factory is updating their menus to include prices on drink selections. 

Newton resident Alan DeCew told the Herald, “It’s basically a problem that’s been creeping in over the last several years that everybody’s experienced... Restaurants will tell you what they have, and you have to ask them what it costs, and of course nobody wants to do that because it’s socially unacceptable.”

The Cheesecake Factory's new menus should arrive next month. However, the restaurant chain's menus are not the only enigmatic ones: One New York Times reader wrote about being unexpectedly billed for a $275 dish on the Upper East Side. Other readers responded, saying that the diner should have known better

Chestnut Hill diners, have you had an experience with an un-priced, unlabeled menu leaving you with "sticker shock" at the bill? 


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