Family Who Protested Clay Nissan Ordered to pay $1.5M in Damages

The Colter brothers claimed the car dealership fired their sister because of her cancer diagnosis.

Two brothers have been ordered to pay $1.5 million in damages to Clay Nissan following a campaign to boycott the dealership. 

A Massachusetts Superior Court Judge ruled last week that Adam and Jonathan Colter libeled and defamed Clay Nissan after accusing the dealership for firing their sister Jill because of her cancer diagnosis, according to a report on CBS Boston.

For most of the summer, the Colters have used social media to spread their campaign to protest Clay Nissan. Various picketing events have been organized at dealerships in Newton and Norwood, with the first picket on July 28 at Clay Nissan in Newton. 

Jill Colter was fired from the Clay Nissan of Norwood back in June, CBS Boston reported, and the Colters began contacting media outlets about the firing.

Meanwhile, Clay Nissan issued a statement saying that they had offered Jill Colter her job back as well as a full year's salary. 

The court decision, which was signed on Sept. 10 by Norfolk Superior Court Justice Renee Dupuis, calls the Colters' campaign "relentless" despite several facts that showed Clay did not terminate Jill Colter based on her illness. 

According to their Facebook page, the Colters have plans to appeal the decision


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