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What's open for lunch/dinner on Christmas Day (and where to catch a movie)

Tomorrow, many of you will be headed over the river and through the woods to have Christmas dinner with family and friends.  But if you're staying in Newton and if, like me, you don't celebrate Christmas you still might like to take a day off from cooking and enjoy a meal out. 

There is a humorous tradition that Jews spend Christmas day going to the movies and eating Chinese food. Both the and the Chestnut Hill Cinema are open all day with regular screenings.  Likewise, the following Chinese restaurants around town will be serving lunch/dinner during regular business hours unless otherwise noted:

– open at 2:30PM                    


                                                             - open at 12:00PM

                                                           – open at 12:00PM

                                                          China City - 617-243-9051

One place of note, in Newton Upper Falls, will not be open until after sunset as it is a kosher restaurant and tomorrow is also the Jewish Sabbath.

These other full-service restaurants will also be open:

– open regular hours with regular menu.

Legal Seafood Chestnut Hill – open regular hours with regular menu

– open at 4:00PM for dinner

– open until 3:00PM

Surprisingly,  on Needham Street will not be open on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas, and/or happy viewing and noshing!


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