New Construction Begins at Former Macy's Site in Newton

The newest building at the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center now has a basement and parts of the foundation, as sections were poured yesterday.

The Chestnut Hill Shopping Center is now on solid footing; the basement and part of the foundation of the site have been poured. 

In an email sent yesterday, WS Development's Corporate Marketing Director David Fleming said about 10,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured on Tuesday, to create the basement and foundation of the 115,000 square-foot building that will eventually house .

Sports Club/LA is expected to open in winter, and the movie theatre in the late winter or early spring. The  will eventually house a  and .

Crews worked through the afternoon, and more than 90 trucks came to deliver the concrete needed to make the foundation. Fleming noted in his email that the pouring of the foundation is "a construction milestone" for the building and 406,000-square-foot center.

began on March 28 and ran until May. The theatre marks a third phase of development at the site, will includes .


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