New Subway Opening in Newtonville

This will be the third Subway location in Newton.

A new Subway sandwich shop will soon be making its way to the Newtonville village center. 

A new "Subway: Coming soon" sign has recently popped up in the window of the empty storefront at 296 Walnut St., part of the former Newtonville Books location.

In addition, the sandwich chain's website also indicates that Subway store #54746 will be opening soon in Newtonville.

The sandwich shop will take up part of the storefront that was vacated in March 2012 when Newtonville books decided to relocate to Newton Centre. 

Subway has two other locations in Newton, including a spot in Newton Centre (1185 Centre St.) and Newton Corner (275 Centre St.)

Information on an opening date for the new Subway was not immediately available. Stay tuned to Patch for details.

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What do you think about the sandwich chain moving in to Newtonville? Tell us in the comments section below.

Mark Golden April 04, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Subway, unlike Champagne, doesn't thrill me at all.(apologies to Cole Porter) Even though their slogan is "Eat Fresh", their products are not all that fresh. Sure, they are not all that old, but when you have all your meats and cheeses pre-sliced and piled up, this is not FRESH. Certainly not in the truest of culinary terms. Granted, Subway has become a huge business and they have to be doing something right. To me, when I want for example a turkey sub, I want real turkey, just like you would get it off the frame. Subway does not come close to meeting my standards of real turkey. D'Angelos on the other hand, exceeds my turkey standards. Maybe I would like Subway more if they stopped trying to fool people with their "Fresh" claims.
Mark Golden April 04, 2013 at 03:18 PM
I forgot to add that Subway has become the Walmart of mediocre restaurants. When Subway comes in, local, well established sub shops are forced out as they cannot compete with the advertising budget.
Robert L. Cerra April 06, 2013 at 10:23 AM
Could this be a business that the activists do not want in Newtonville? Could they be serving anything other than organic or authentically fresh or God forbid they are serving large sugar drinks or worse yet using plastic. We cannot allow a store in Newtonvile that is even remotely associated with Walmart. We need some heavy hitters to oppose this - all Democrats - Mayor Mennino can opposse the store on the grounds of its remote association with Walmart, Mayor Bloomberg can join in because they serve large sugar drinks and our nown Rep Balser can object based the store uses styrafoam cups. Welcome to Newton Good Luck Subway - I enjoy your Subs
Mark Golden April 06, 2013 at 02:42 PM
Obviously you are not alone in enjoying Subway. I too used to enjoy it. YEARS ago when they were in CT. As a matter of fact they used to be a customer of mine when I was in another profession. But for you to accuse me of being an "Organicist" is absurd. There is nothing better than a big greasy fat laden burger. Or a great meatball. I do not nor ever have done my weekly shopping at Whole Foods. I voiced my opinion AGAINST the NYC ban on large drinks. By the way, the food ban that Mayor Mennino opposed was Chick Fil A, not Walmart. As an aside, I have been to C-F-A a number of times in Palm Beach County, FL and their food did not impress me. I did not associate Subway with Walmart. You did. I just said Subway was similar to Walmart. As for the "Plastic ban", I opinedin The Patch that unless the Board of Aldermen propose an affordable substitute, they should not outlaw it use. I have long been in favor of more businesses opening in Newton (see my run for Alderman at Large in the early 1980's) and will continue to push for them. I jut want those store that do open to be honest with the public. To be, to quote you..."Authentically Fresh". And of course to serve real turkey since a Turkey Sub is my personal favorite


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