Patch Picks: Ways/Places to Get in Shape in Newton

Feeling the effects of holiday overeating? Tired of feeling worn out just from walking from the fridge to the couch? Here are our Picks for how to get (back) in shape.

If you’re like most folks, your New Year's resolution will be to get in better shape in 2012. This week’s Patch Picks can help you get a head start on figuring out just how you are going to do -- or avoid -- that.

Join a gym or fitness studio – There are over two dozen gyms and personal trainers/coaches listed on Newton Patch, so you’d be hard pressed not to find one that is convenient to your home or office. Many of these locations offer trial periods or newcomers’ packages, so you can shop around a bit until you find the right fit…ness.

Buy some exercise equipment for your home – If you’re like many of us, the hassle of getting out of the house and driving to a location- even a convenient one- is a perfect excuse for becoming a couch potato. Remove that rationalization by putting in a home gym. You can invest in a quasi-professional setup if you so desire, with the help of the folks at , or . Or, you can just pick up some weights, bands, balance balls, etc. at one of Newton’s many sporting goods stores.

Find a personal trainer  - Again, Newton Patch is a veritable Rolodex of local personal training facilities and personal trainers. They can meet you at the gym (see above), come to your home or office or train you in their homes – it all depends on what you want. Many have discounts for buying multiple sessions, so you can extend your resolve well into 2012 and have less of a chance of backsliding on shaping up your backside.

Move more – So you don’t want to spend the money to join a gym or find a trainer, or even buy some home gym equipment. That doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to a new year with the old you! If you look at your day-to-day life, you are sure to find ways to build more movement into it naturally. Park further away from the store when you grocery shop or go to the mall. Take the stairs rather than the elevator at work. Or walk the kids and to and from school rather than driving them (you’ll be setting a good example too).

Eat better- Getting moving and exercising more isn’t going to be enough if you’re still eating like it’s the holidays (and let’s face it- it’s easy to do that all year long). Enjoy your and your , but then make a resolution to eat more veggies and fruits, leaner proteins and fewer processed foods. You could even contact a nutritionist and get some healthy counsel before beginning your new eating regimen! 


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