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Patch Picks: Going Green in Newton

Going green is about more than just turning off the lights when you leave the room or shutting off the water while you brush your teeth. There are hundreds of ways you can love Mother Earth every day, around the house or out and about. Here are our picks.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – This is the rallying cry of  “Greenies” everywhere, and you can join them by putting in a little extra effort. Try to buy things in bulk, and then divide them into smaller, more usable portions. Reuse your old plastic takeout containers to store leftovers in. And break down those cereal boxes and recycle them. It only takes a few extra minutes, but it makes a big difference.

Do What Kristine Does- Newton Patch has our own “Queen of Green” in . She regularly offers wonderful and creative tips for how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Follow her tips in the and soon you will find yourself at one with our world…or at least leave a much smaller carbon footprint.

Buy locally grown produce – With two Newton and two local committed to selling fruits and vegetables that don’t have to travel as far to get to your table, it’s easy to do. Not only that, but the fresher the produce the better it tastes so going green in your own kitchen is a win-win situation.

Support restaurants that buy local – Many Newton restaurants already recognize that local produce and meats are not only tastier but are also better for the environment. Michael Leviton, chef/owner of and (in Cambridge) is Chair of the Chefs Collaborative, a national organization committed to teaching chefs and consumers about the benefits of extending the “farm to table” movement to restaurants. Put your “green” towards being green by dining at establishments that buy local.

Trash it- You would never consider littering, of course, but not everybody is as considerate as you are. When you’re out and about, pick up and appropriately discard trash you see lying around on the ground. You’ll not only be keeping it green, you’ll be setting a good example for others.


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