POLL: Will Starbucks' Price Hike Change Your Coffee-Drinking Habits?

Prices reportedly will increase only on some drinks. And only in certain parts of the country.

My tall, black extra-bold coffee is going to cost me 10-cents more.

Word from the Seattle-based coffee company today is that prices will increase 1 percent. The AP quotes a company spokesman as saying higher costs are the reason. That same story says the last across-the-board price increase was in 2007.

But only some drinks will be pricier — apparently the next size up, 'grande,' or  medium — remains unchanged.

And the higher prices are taking effect only in the Northeast — including the Boston area — and the Southwest. Florida, California and the Midwest apparently had their prices raised in the fall.

The Christian Science Monitor says the increase comes at a time when inflation appears to be heating up. The Monitor quotes US Bureau of Labor Statistics: During the past 12 months, food prices in the US increased an average of 4.6 percent, and overall consumer prices went up 3.4 percent.

So, given that context, how will you respond to Starbucks' price hikes?

Nicole Spasiano January 04, 2012 at 04:06 PM
I only get grande or venti drinks like caramel macchiatos, which I can't get that DD so I will stick to my occassional Sbucks drink. I don't think I have ever just ordered a regular coffee from there.
Jesika Mancini January 04, 2012 at 04:12 PM
I already think the grande lattes are overpriced, but I still tend to get them because the tall seems too small. It's good to hear that the grande's price won't be going up, and I'll keep getting them. But I do only get Starbucks about once a week, if that. Buying their lattes every day would be an expensive habit!
Estey Silva January 05, 2012 at 03:38 PM
I'm so relieved to hear that the grande size prices aren't going up! That's the only size I order, so this price change won't affect me much. However, my new year's resolutions include losing a bit of excess weight and being a bit more frugal, so I will try to avoid Starbucks as much as I can! I will continue to relish the occasional coffee date to catch up with a girl friend or two, though.


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