Vine City/AUC Walmart Grand Opening on Wednesday 1/23

Walmart has said they are ready to open to the public.

It was announced in 2009 that the Publix on Martin Luther King was gone for good and that a Supercenter Walmart would be replacing it.  After 3 years, and after a round of hiring and training, the new Vine City Walmart is ready to open its doors.

The store location has been given a new name, so what we may call the AUC Walmart or the MLK Walmart, it is officially known as The Historic Westside Village Supercenter at Vine City Walmart.

Being a "Supercenter" means that it will have everything from electronics to groceries for its customers.

The Walmart was opened to the public for the first time on Wednesday at 8 a.m., and became the first Walmart to be placed in/near Southwest Atlanta.

During the opening ceremony, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed told a group of community members, elected officials, and shoppers who gathered for the opening, that he plans to make Atlanta's Martin Luther King Dr. "the most beautiful in the USA."

Elected officials such as Michael Julian Bond and Caesar Mitchell, both praised the Walmart corporation for its belief in the Vine City community and for their multimillion dollar investment.

The Walmart Suspercenter offers a pharmacy, a banking center, a small sporting goods section, a fresh grocery section, a clothing section, and more.  According to Major Quiller who was also in attendance, APD has assigned 4 police officers to the specific area and their mission is, "to keep the community safe."

It is important to note, that this Walmart has brought 150 new jobs to the area and of those 50% are new jobs that were given to local applicants.(non-transferees) The staff and team that work with Quincy Springs, General Manager of this Walmart store were all smiles and are excited to open their brand new store to the community and the residents in the area.


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