Commuters on Framingham/Worcester Line Face Significant Delays Friday Afternoon

Delays of 30-60 minutes are affecting trains on the line.

It hasn't been a great start to the weekend for commuters on the Framingham/Worcester line. 

According to MBTA alerts, trains on the line are experiencing anywhere between 30 to 60 minute delays for both the inbound and outbound routes. 

The MBTA alerts indicate the delays stem from an earlier disabled train and residual traffic on the rails. 

As of 6:45 p.m., both the P526 and P532 inbound trains (6:16 p.m. and 4:55 p.m. departure times) are experiencing 60 minute delays. A number of outbound trains, including the P519, P521, P523 and P527, are also experiencing delays between 30 and 60 minutes.

The Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail line passes through three stations in Newton, including Auburndale, West Newton and Newtonville. 


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