Renovations in the Works for Boston College T Stop

The MBTA has a plan to renovate the B branch terminus at Boston College station, with a public meeting slated for this month.

Passengers riding out to the B branch terminus at Boston College may be in for an upgrade--if the T can get funding for it. 

The goal is to make the stop more accessible, to build a full canopy, and to increase efficiency by bringing the trolleys away from the yard area, according to the T. However, this will also mean passengers board at the platform in the middle of Commonwealth Avenue, and not through the yard near Lake Street.

Estimates from the MBTA put the project budget at around $16.8 million, and when they receive a Notice to Proceed, the project is expected to take two years to complete. 

According to an MBTA page on the station upgrade project, the 15 percent design plan was presented in August, with a 30 percent plan expected some time this month. They do not have funding for anything beyond this point, and report that construction depends on finding additional funds

State Senator Will Brownsberger posted about the stop on his website, telling one commenter that crossing the street is not desirable, but that he is reserving judgement on the plan until the public presentation of the 30 percent plan. 

The MBTA will hold a public meeting about the upgrades to the BC stop on Oct. 9, at 7 p.m. at the Brighton Marine Center, YourTown Allston-Brighton reports.

See the full story on YourTown Allston-Brighton.


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