T to Double Number of Three-Car Trains on D Line

Effort aimed at reducing crowding on nation's oldest subway lines.

After a successful trial last year, the MBTA plans to more than double the use of three-car Green Line trains later this month in an effort to reduce crowding on the system’s oldest rail line.

The T reintroduced the popular three-car trains, which had not been used since 2005, with just two round trips each day starting . With the expansion of the program later this month, the total number of three-car trips will jump from 13 to 32 each weekday.

“As I’ve talked with Green Line customers over the past year, train capacity is an issue that is frequently raised,” General Manager Richard Davey said in a press release. “We have received that message loud and clear, and the MBTA is responding.” 

In addition to expanding three-car trains service on the C and D lines, the MBTA also plans to begin running three-car trains on the E Line for the first time in at least six years.

Part of the first subway line in the country, the MBTA’s Green Line now sees around 200,000 passengers each weekday.

larry berger March 17, 2011 at 01:20 PM
Now that the winter is over the MBTA is adding trains. Isn't it typical to start to add trains after a winter of continous disabled trains, trains not on schedule, trains filled to compacity, trains running air conditioniong in the winter, trains running FULL heat with trains packed. If the MBTA was paid for service and performance it would be out of business. Thats why is always in the RED. The trains on the D line are always filled to capacity, never cleaned and always stading by. The MBTA always makes promises or committtments and cannot or will not be able to achieve.


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