TELL US: How Does NSTAR's Sandy Response Compare to Irene?

The number of power outages has dropped significantly, but some residents are still in the dark.

As of this morning, just over 600 Newton NSTAR customers are without power, according to NSTAR's outage map. This number represents approximately 2 percent of the total NSTAR customers in the city.

While power may not have been an issue for some, there was a large group of local residents who spent much of the storm in the dark. 

During the height of Hurricane Sandy, around 5,000 Newton NSTAR customers were without power, or roughly 13 percent of the city's total power customers.

The utility company has been chipping away at the power restorations over the last three days, with the largest progress made yesterday (3,200 outages Wednesday morning to less than 1,000 by late Wednesday night). 

According to the NSTAR website, power restoration in Newton should be completed sometime tonight.

Now that the winds have settled, what do you think of NSTAR's response in Newton? Was it better or worse than the response with Hurricane Irene or the "Snowtober" storm? 

Are you still without power?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. 

Susan Gudema November 01, 2012 at 06:00 PM
We still do not have power on Charlotte Rd. and Park Lane. Verizon put up a new pole and we need NStar to come back to complete wiring. Help!


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