Windy Newton: Tell Us How the Weather is Affecting You

We're asking you to help us keep track of downed wires and tress as you come across them.

Newton is under a High Wind Warning until 8 p.m. tonight and the gusts are definitely blowing. One tree came down on a car parked on Upland Avenue near Dedham Street. Another took down power to a home on Withington Road.

We're asking for you to help us keep everyone well informed about power outages, downed wires, errant tree limbs and flying lawn furniture.

As you're out in town today, let us know where you see the wind impacting Newton and help keep your neighbors informed and safe. Post your information in the comments section below.

Bob Burke February 25, 2012 at 10:22 PM
They had to cancel the weekly frostbite sailing at Courageous Sailing in Charlestown where I'm a member. Too windy to let 19 feet sailboats race. They even let us race during the huge northeaster that hit the harbor with blinding snow and 35 knot winds at Halloween. That was fun, but today would have been a stretch. Glad I could stay in.
Wendy Schapiro February 26, 2012 at 01:37 AM
I drove to and from Amherst today and it was CRAZY! Between the snow squalls, the hail and the unrelenting high winds blowing my poor little car all over the place, it was not the most fun I've ever had driving. But- give me that over feet and feet of snow any day!


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