Feeling worthless? Let’s do something about that...

We are all given 24 hours a day. It's what we do with those 24 that makes all the difference.

What is your leisure time worth?

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strain)

In one way or another, New Year’s resolutions revolve around time.

In 2013, I want to: spend more time with the kids/family, have a better work-life balance, make time to workout, go to the gym or do yoga. Try crossfit. Read more, start a hobby or a part time business. Learn a new skill, to cook or a foreign language. Sleep more. You get the idea.

Most people when polled, say that they’d gladly trade a pay cut for more time off. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, this is not an option.

Outsourcing? Sounds cool!

So, how to carve our more time for the things you really want to do? Try outsourcing...that is, hiring someone to do the jobs you don't really want to do, something you don’t always enjoy. Hire a landscaper to do the yard work, instead of mowing that lawn yourself. Taskrabbit is a service that allows you to put a specific task out to bid. Say you bought a new bureau for the guest room at Ikea, but have been procrastinating the assembly. With good reason. Those Ikea projects are often harder than they look. Put it on Taskrabbit. It works like this. Go to Taskrabbit.com.  Register. Describe the job, specify when you like it done. Sit back, wait for the bids to come in, then sort through them. Go with the lowest bidder if that’s important to you, or, pick someone with a little more experience whose bid is a little higher. It’s all up to you. Turn a 3 hour project into a few minutes of executive supervision.

One mo’ time...

Get an even bigger bang for your buck by automating or outsourcing recurring tasks. I gave you the lawnmowing example earlier.

You and your spouse both work? Having every meal delivered to the house? That getting expensive? Worried about how healthy those takeout meals are? What about that resolution to lose weight? Think about about grocery delivery. Peapod and Roche Bros both have local delivery services. Try them.

(Finally) Your time has come...

Enjoy going to the liquor store? Me neither. I’m in and get out in 5 minutes, getting pretty much the same stuff every time. Check. You too? Bingo! This is exactly why we started Metro West Wines. It’s about us giving you an extra hour or two in your week. What could you do with those 2 hours every week? What is your leisure time worth. Let us know. That’s why we’re here.

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