A Green Summer for Newton Kids

From picnicking to gardening, enjoy the summer with your kids and keep a green life.

After a long, snowy winter, summer is here - with the high temperatures and humidity to prove it! Here in Newton, there are plenty of wonderful green activities to do with your kids over the course of the summer. Whether you want to enjoy the warm weather outside or cool down to beat the heat, there are lots of options to have a fun and green summer with your children.  

Here are some personal favorites: 

  • Visit Newton Community Farm.  Get some yummy produce from the farm stand, teach your kids about the importance of small farms, and enjoy many of their programs, classes, and workshops.  
  • Go to the farmers' markets. This is another excellent way to teach your children about local farms and eating healthy food. Plus, if you're at the Cold Spring Park farmers' market, you can enjoy a picnic and a stroll.
  • Garden together. Teach your children how to grow their own food and then find fun recipes to experiment with.
  • Cool down with ice cream and iced beverages! in Newton Centre has organic and fair trade coffee and their ice cream is free of overly processed ingredients like many other ice cream places. has a gelato stand which offers New England-based Cold Fusion all-natural gelato.  They also have iced teas and coffees that are organic and fair trade. Or better yet -- make your own homemade ice cream using local in season fruit from the farmers' market!  Strawberry ice cream, anyone?
  • Go for a dip.  Newton's own Crystal Lake is a good place to take a swim.   We also love filling a kiddie pool in the backyard. I'll get in with my son and cool down on a hot day. Afterwards, we use the water for our garden so it doesn't go to waste.  Running through the sprinkler is also fun and a perfect way to cool off while watering your lawn or garden.
  • On a hot day, turn off your air conditioner and seek out some places that are already air conditioned.  The is always nice and cool. Check out some books or attend one of their many programs, such as lapsits and live performances. The Atrium Mall is always cool inside, and they have a play area for kids.  You can also bring your kids to enjoy a flick at the air conditioned . Many of their snacks are even from local vendors!
  • Take the T to Boston. Ditch the car and figure out a route to Boston using the T.  Getting there can be half the fun for kids. Once you're there, spend some time on Boston Common, ride the Swan Boats, splash around in the Frog Pond, have a picnic, and grab some ice cream.  

Most of all, enjoy the summertime with your kids. Before you know it, it will be back-t0-school and pumpkin picking season again!  

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