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Here's Why Exercise is Good For you!

Here’s Why Exercise is Good For You! 

     The earlier we start to exercise, the better!  In addition to fitness improvements in strength and endurance, ongoing research tells us that exercise may also:

  • Improve memory
  • Speed up our reaction times
  • Improve balance
  • Increase our flexibility
  • Increase bone strength and protect against fractures
  • Improve our psychological health
  • And improve quality of life overall

     Quality of life can be improved in several ways.  First of all, through exercise we take control of our health.  Our thought processes can become more clear.  Improvements in balance and coordination can help us to live independently in our homes longer and improved reaction times can mean that we are able to continue to drive safely.

     Exercising in a social setting can help alleviate loneliness and give us a more positive outlook on life.  Participating in dance or exercise classes at a senior or community center, the YMCA, or in your residential facility can help to re-energize us.  Simply scheduling walks with friends can make exercise more fun and provide more healthy social interaction.  Staying engaged in life via exercise, or other hobbies and volunteer activities, gives life meaning and provides structure.  We feel more alive when we have someplace to go and people waiting for us to arrive!

    Exercise can help us with other health issues as well:

  • Joint lubrication and increased range of motion for those of us with arthritis
  • Bone rebuilding for those of us with osteoporosis
  • Strengthening of abdominal muscles for those of us with lower back pain
  • Relief from constipation
  • A boost for our immune system
  • Improved sleep
  • Blood pressure control
  • Lowering of cholesterol and triglycerides can help prevent artery clogging and damage
  •  Exercise will benefit just about everyone, but the specific exercise program that you begin should be designed for you and based on your current condition and capabilities.  Consult with one of our Certified Professional Personal Trainers to select the exercise program that is right for you.


To set up an appointment with one of our trainers contact:

Joe Erwin

West Suburban YMCA

Personal Training Sales Manager

Head Personal Trainer

617-244-6050 x3034  jerwin@westsuburbanymca.org


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