POLL: What Are Your Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions?

Turkey, football and family? Or do you have your own?

Since I can remember, my family has always spent Thanksgiving with my aunt, uncle and cousins in Boston. From the meal, to daytime and evening activities, our traditions have hardly changed over the years.

As kids, we'd spend the afternoon at the movies (with one parent chaperone, until we were old enough to be dropped off), so the adults could catch up and watch football without having us underfoot. That tradition has continued, though now, we "kids" are all in our 30s, and we email each other ahead of time to pick out our Thanksgiving movie.

When we return from the movies, Thanksgiving dinner is served. I'm already looking forward to my aunt's pumpkin and corn breads, the turkey, stuffing and multiple sides. Pumpkin and apple pies and After Eights are always served for dessert.

After dinner, we'd gather around the television to watch, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." They don't seem to air the musical on TV anymore, which every year we remark on. Our Thanksgiving traditions wrap up with shopping on Black Friday and lunch together before heading home.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Vote in our poll, or tell us in the comments section below.


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