5-Year Anniversary of Tai Ho Fire Today

BFD firefighters Paul Cahill and Warren Payne perished in the blaze.


Today is the five-year anniversary of the fatal Tai Ho Restaurant fire that took two Boston Firefighters lives in a blaze that took destroyed a Centre Street storefront.

Longtime and loved Boston Firefighters Paul Cahill and Warren Payne perished while fighting the blaze. 

The blaze started at 1727 Centre St., in the Tai Ho Restaurant, which never returned to Centre Street. The rest of the block was rebuilt and is now full with several successful businesses.

This video is a "Tribute to Boston Firefighters Paul Cahill and Warren Payne who were killed in the line of duty August 29, 2007" made by Stephen Walsh as Youtube user brfdphoto.

Stephen Walsh August 29, 2012 at 02:57 PM
I will never forget that night nor the week following with massive funerals. This video was an honor to make. Steve Walsh (brfdphoto)


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