Local Woman Doesn't Fall for $3K Phone Scam

The following are excerpts from the Newton police log. An arrest or charge does not indicate a conviction.

Credit: Newton police
Credit: Newton police
March 15
  • A woman came to police headquarters and reported the hood ornament of her 2005 Mercedes was stolen the day before while her vehicle was in the Memorial Spaulding School parking lot.
  • A woman reported someone keyed both sides of her vehicle.
March 14
  • A suspicious incident was reported on Pennsylvania Avenue involving a man who walked down the driveway of a home. When the homeowner came outside, the man "hastily" retreated to a Toyota Camry occupied by three individuals. The man was described as white, 6 feet tall, and about 200 pounds.
  • A woman told police she left her purse in the Hebrew College cafeteria. When she realized it was stolen, two purchases had already been made, she told police.
March 13
  • An iPad and several pieces of jewelry, including gold bracelets and silver rings, were reported stolen from a home on Day Street.
  • Three youths said someone in a gray sedan appeared to be following them near Pine Ride Road. The driver was described as a white man with facial hair and glasses.
  • A Wolcott Street resident said someone broke into the home and stole jewelry.
March 12
  • A woman reported a phone scam where a man claimed to be her grandson and said he was arrested in Delaware and needed $3,000 for bail. She called police after she spoke with her daughter, who confirmed her grandson had not been arrested. Police traced the call to an international number.


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