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1 Hurt When Car Flips on Lowell Avenue

Newton Man Holes Up in Home to Avoid Arrest for Breaking Into Cars

Police used pepper spray and a non-lethal shotgun blast to bring the suspect into custody.

Newton Police captured a man who allegedly broke into a car on Carter Street, but he wouldn't go easily.

Police responded to the area for a car break-in in progress, and a witness said they saw a man in a Lexus parked in the driveway of a home on Carter Street, according to police. 

The man, identified as 41-year-old Derrick Curran, ran toward the Cabot Park Village condos, and jumped a fence at the end of Carter Street, police said. He then came in the back of a home on the street. 

Police surrounded the home and brought in a search dog. Police announced that they were looking for Curran, telling him he should come out. Curran did not respond and turned off the lights in the house. Officers continued to ask the suspect to come out with his hands up, but Curran refused to for half an hour.

Police eventually went into the house and used non-lethal shotgun blasts to try to subdue Curran. He lay down on top of his hands and refused to let police have access to his hands.

Police told Curran that they would use pepper spray on him if he did not cooperate. When he continued to refuse, police used the pepper spray. Even then he continued to "lock" his body so police could not easily move him. 

Eventually Curran was loaded into a police vehicle and taken to the Newton Police Headquarters.

Derrick Walter Curran, 41, of 22 Carter St. in Newton, was arrested on charges of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.


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