Newton Police Log: Parking Rage at Whole Foods, Man Spotted Breaking Into Car

The following information was provided by the Newton Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Jan. 19

Police summonsed a 37-year-old man to Newton District Court on a charge of threatening to commit a crime - assault and battery.

A woman went to her car and when she began running back to her apartment because of the cold she noticed a man in a black sweatshirt running in the same direction. She ran into her apartment and the man continued and went around the building.

Jan. 20

A net used to cover the batting cage at the Newton North Little League field was taken, along with a smaller net that covers the batting practice pitching screen. The net was stored inside the batting cage, which was locked, but it appears part of the fence was pulled up so the thief could get in and take the nets. 

Two customers at Whole Foods on Walnut Street got into an argument after a woman said the man was too close to her car. The man said she parked too close to him and he was having trouble getting his kids out of his car. The woman got out and began swearing at him and then he noticed the woman up against the back of his car. Then he saw a fresh scratch from a key. She was gone when police arrived. The woman is described as a white female, 40-45 years old, dark hair with some grey in it, driving a dark colored minivan.

A woman reported a phone scam. She got a call from a group called Dan Murphy Comp. who claimed to work for the IRS. He said she owed the IRS in back taxes. She called back to say she does not have that much money, and the man asked how much she has. She hung up and reported it to the police.

Someone egged a house on the 500 block of California Street. Along with two eggs, the resident also found multiple tomatoes and a bread roll.

A car parked on Summer Street by Chestnut Street was broken into. The owner and a friend left the vehicle briefly to go inside, and when the looked out a window they saw someone inside the vehicle and the interior light on. The ran downstairs and the suspect ran away down Summer Street toward High Street. A cell phone was taken, but was dropped nearby. The suspect is described as a white male, wearing a grey shirt with blonde, chin-length hair. 


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