Newton Police Officers Caught Egging Sergeant's Home in Framingham

The men involved are facing disciplinary action.

Just a few months after the city's police chief was fired, several Newton Police officers are facing disciplinary action after they egged the home of a Newton Police sergeant in Framingham. 

According to the Boston Globe, five off-duty officers are facing discipline for their involvement with the prank. However, the officers were not identified.

“Actions by anyone from this department, which is contrary to our rules and regulations will not be tolerated and dealt with swiftly,” Interim Chief Howard Mintz told the Globe in a statement. 

According to Framingham Police reports, a Framingham officer responded to a home in the early morning hours of Dec. 11, 2012 for reports of two teenage males throwing eggs at someone's house. The two males reportedly exited a small red car before throwing the eggs. 

While responding to the scene, police spotted the small red car and pulled it over. After approaching the vehicle, officers noticed an empty plastic egg carton on the floor of the car. 

When the Framingham officer asked the driver if he had been egging a house, he said yes. He then handed over his driver's license as well as his Newton Police Department ID and said he and the passenger had egged a coworker's house as "a prank between friends."

Framingham police released the two men and then proceeded to follow up with the homeowner involved with the egging. The homeowner told Framingham police he is a sergeant at the Newton Police Department and the men who egged his house were subordinates.

A short while later, while patrolling the same neighborhood, a man walking on the side of the road flagged down a Framingham officer. The man identified himself as a Newton Police officer and acknowledged he had been with the two men earlier. However, he denied any knowledge of wrongdoing. He also appeared intoxicated, police reports said. 

No official charges were filed in the incident.

Mayor Setti Warren fired Newton Police Chief Matthew Cummings in October after actions "unbecoming a police chief." 

Testicular January 05, 2013 at 09:08 PM
Cops that couldn't pull-off a high school prank without getting "busted"...lame. Of course; no Middle School prank has never achieved greater police priority or greater public resources brought to bear in the investigation. In my town a person needs real political juice to get the Cops to investigate property crimes that don’t make the news. Another example of tax payer dollars at work; no common citizen would receive that kind of priority treatment. Congratulations! from Portland, Oregon for making National News for this epic failure and waste of public taxes! Cops are just as pathetic and wasteful and disrespectful of the public they serve in Portland as they are everywhere else in America but it is important that each community police does their part to represent and maintain easily achievable standards. The Newton Police are an inspiration for every under-achieving bone-head alpha-jock at every high school across America incapable of growing and maturing and losing their undeserved High School status and authority. The Newton Police have demonstrated that High School never has to end. Congratulations! What a bunch of idiots; this embarrassment and waste of tax payer resources will be written into the "Super Troopers" sequel.
kimberly January 06, 2013 at 05:34 AM
dont have anything nice to say about newton pd to much time on there hands
Richard H January 06, 2013 at 06:16 PM
What do each and every one of you do for work. Let's hear and we can make comments about your chosen profession if you have one.
jumpfroggy January 08, 2013 at 10:37 PM
you should see Marlboro,ma P.D and F.D. !!! also a waste of tax $$ .add to that the emt squad.. If you call 911 around here for a 80 lb. person that fell ,you get all 3 dept. @ your house. after all 12 of them leave you try to figure out which one of em did the ripping off !!! Pain and other meds seem to be the favorites but they will also pick up blankets,stethoscopes and who knows what else. where are the meds is # 1 question. when you get up to the E.R. to see who you called for, your bran new ,filled that day for 50.00 $ script for the patient has 6 friggin pills left !! I think the whole bunch( F.D,P.D. and E.M.Ts) all show up on the scene so who the thief is cant get pinned.
Dawn January 13, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Throwing eggs? People are starving, that is considered food. The guilty should clean it up & volunteeer in a homeless shelter or work & donate to food pantry! Service!


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