Newton's Weirdest Police News of 2012

We look back at some of the odd police log entries from the last year in Newton.


Flying bud light 
January 29

Police responded to Webster Street after a homeowner reported that someone had thrown a full can of Bud Light through his front porch window sometime overnight. 

According to reports, the homeowner believes the incident happened sometime after 1:20 a.m. on Jan. 29, which is when he went to bed. The window was located on an enclosed porch at the front of the house. 


Toilet parts stolen
Feb. 13

Police responded to the Chestnut Hill Star Market on Feb. 13 after an employee reported that someone had stolen toilet parts.

According to reports, the store supervisor said one of his employees discovered around 7 p.m. that two automatic toilet flushing mechanisms were stolen from the men's bathroom. The parts were last seen in place around 6 p.m. the same day. 


Stolen Jacuzzi
May 16

A contractor working on a house in the 300 block of Boylston Street told police that someone stole a Jacuzzi from the first floor of the unit sometime between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

According to reports, there was no sign of forced entry and it appears as though someone walked in and out through an unlocked door. 


Stolen underwear
June 21 

Police responded to Victoria's Secret at the Mall at Chestnut Hill on June 21 after an employee reported approximately 135 pairs of underwear had been stolen from the store. 

According to reports, the employee was doing an inventory check around 7 p.m. when she noticed that three large drawers in the front left display case were empty. The drawers had been stocked with underwear around 6:30 p.m.


Rescue Me?
July 28 

On Saturday, July 28, fire officials were called to Crystal Lake in Newton for reports of a distressed swimmer. The caller told officials she was also concerned for the swimmer's safety due to the thunderstorm and pouring rain.

Once fire crews arrived on scene, they spotted the swimmer bobbing up and down in the water. The department's emergency response boat then set out into the lake to rescue the swimmer. However, when rescuers got close to the swimmer, he started swimming away and began screaming at the fire crews saying, "why are you here?" and "leave me alone," "I don't need your help," and "who called you?" Eventually, the swimmer started moving toward the rescue boat and everyone returned to shore safely.

Due to the fact that there are several posted signs stating no trespassing and no swimming in unauthorized sections of the lake, the man was cited for trespassing after notice. He was also cited for disorderly conduct, police said.


Aug. 31 

An older gentleman got steamed when a bicycle fell against his parked car on August 31. The man wanted to make sure the bicyclist would pay up if his car had been scratched; an altercation ensued.

The driver told police he demanded the cyclist's phone number and address as well as a hand written pledge for the reparation for the damage to the vehicle.

According to the cyclist, the driver trapped the front wheel of the bicycle between his legs and held on to the handlebars as the cyclist attempted to leave. The driver reportedly said he would not release the bike until the cyclist signed the pledge. 

The driver then reportedly ripped the speedometer off the bike's handlebars and struck the cyclist in the face. 

The driver was charged with assault & battery and defacing property. 


Man assaults activist in Newtonville
Aug. 31

A woman was reportedly assaulted on Friday, Aug. 31, while she was handing out political information near the Citizen's Bank in Newtonville. 

According to police reports, the woman was canvassing when a man approached her and tried to rip several signs off her display. He also reportedly grabbed her by her arms and started to shake her.

After a short period of time fighting with the woman, the man gave up and went inside the Citizen's Bank. Bank employees reported that the man asked general questions, but did not make any transactions.


Teens caught with quite the list of items
Sept. 16

Five Newton teens were caught smoking pot and drinking in a car parked on Lakeview Avenue.

According to police reports, officers were dispatched to the Lakeview Avenue on Sept. 16 for reports of a suspicious vehicle in front of a residence. After arriving on scene, the officer could see the car was filled with smoke and puffs of smoke were coming out of a cracked window. 

After confronting the occupants and investigating the vehicle, police found four bottles of Amstel Light beer, a small bottle of Bacardi rum, a nip of Cointreau, four bags of "green, leafy substance" believed to be marijuana, one vaporizer, one pipe, a marijuana grinder and two bongs. 

As a result, four 17-year-old Newton males and one 16-year-old Newton male were charged with underage possession of alcohol. A city ordinance violation for possession of marijuana (under one ounce) was also mailed to all five parties.


Hey -- that's not a bathroom!
Dec. 1

Newton Police responded to Clearwater Road on Dec. 1 after a resident reported a large pile of human feces on her front porch. According to reports, the woman found the pile of poo around 10 a.m. and had to clean it up.


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