Police Log: Drunk Driver, Fake Money and Vandalism at Bigelow

A roundup of police news in Newton.

[Updated Jan. 16, 2014]

Bad Timing for a Drunk Driver

A Lexington woman was arrested yesterday after she allegedly pulled out in front of an officer while driving drunk, police said.

According to reports, the woman was driving a blue Mercedes wagon when she pulled out of a Lexington Street apartment building and right in front of a Newton police officer who was driving down the road. Reports said the officer had to stop short to avoid rear-ending Greverend.

When she reached a green traffic light, reports said the driver sat at the light for a minute or more before pulling forward, after which the officer pulled her over. 

The officer noted in the report he had heard a BOLO (be on the look out) for a blue Mercedes earlier in the night, but the original search had come up negative. The reporting party called police about the Mercedes after allegedly seeing the driver passed out behind the wheel.

After pulling her over, police said the driver would not listen to the officer when asked for her license and registration and allegedly had bloodshot, glassy eyes and was unsteady on her feet when she exited the vehicle.

The driver was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and city citation for failure to use care while starting/stopping/backing up, reports said.

Counterfeit Bills for Coffee

Police responded to Peet's Coffee & Tea yesterday after a man allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit bill to pay for his coffee.

According to reports, after the man paid for his coffee, he began to argue with a Peet's employee that he received the wrong change. When the employee began to count her register drawer to make sure, she realized the bill the customer gave her was counterfeit. Once she realized this, though, the male party had left the store with his original change and without his coffee.

The suspect was described as a white male, 40- to 45-years old, wearing a work jacket and hat.

Another Theft at AT&T

After at local wireless stores, an employee from the AT&T store reported to police yesterday that a Samsung Galaxy tablet was stolen from the store sometime Monday night around 8:45. 

Break-in on Bellevue

A house on Bellevue Avenue appeared to be broken into sometime Tuesday morning, police reports said, however, the suspect(s) appeared to have run away after the inside alarm went off. 

According to police,  the homeowner told officers she was gone for about an hour and when she returned she found a basement window open and the alarm sounding. 

A woman nearby stopped the officer and said she observed two suspicious parties walking on Bellevue Avenue around 11:30 a.m. She described one as being a black male in his 30s wearing a green or or grey hoodie and carrying a sack. The other person was only described as a black female. 

Lumberjack on the Loose

An executive for Cabot Park Village on  Newtonville Avenue told police an unknown person had cut down two trees on the Cabot Park property without permission. The executive told officers a similar incident happened in the fall where five trees were cut down on the property, reports said.

Vandalism at Bigelow & Beyond

According to police reports, Bigelow Middle School Principal Todd Harrison told police Monday that someone had vandalized the side of the school's gym building with silver spray paint.

Harrison said he did not notice the spray paint when he left around 4 p.m. Friday but when he returned around 7 a.m. Monday morning, the side of the building was painted.

Police also found the silver spray paint tagging elsewhere in town after investigating the school. The other areas included Centre Street, an electrical box at the west end of the Richardson Street municipal lot, a green mail box at the corner of Washington Street and Walnut Park and a green mail box at the corner of Jackson Road and Wiltshire Road, reports said.

Thief Caught in the Act

Police responded to Parker Street Tuesday after a resident said he caught a man trying to break into his car which was parked in his driveway and unlocked.

According to reports, the man heard a noise and went out to the car and found the man carrying a cannon camera bag. Once he yelled at the thief, the suspect dropped the bag and ran into other residential yards heading toward Dedham Street. Nothing else was reported stolen.

At the time of the incident, a State Police K-9 unit was in the area and assisted police in searching for the suspect. Although the dog picked up a strong scent in the yard, police came up empty-handed after an extensive search, reports said.

The suspect was described as a male, 5'9"-5'10" tall, stocky build, wearing a dark jacket and baseball hat and possibly drunk. 


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