TELL US: Do You Think Police Use Tasers Too Much?

Nashua, N.H. police recently used a Taser on a Newton, Mass. woman while arresting her at an Apple store in a New Hampshire shopping mall.

When thinking of police Taser incidents, it's difficult not to remember all the comic sketches that came out of the University of Florida "don't tase me bro" incident.

But human rights organization Amnesty International believes Taser use is a serious issue -- and stricter limits should be put in place for police officers deploying the stun device.

According to a February 2012 report by Amnesty International, at least 500 people have died in he U.S. since 2001 after being shocked with a Taser during an arrest or while in jail. The majority of those incidents were reported in California, Florida and Texas.

On the other side of the issue, some argue the Tasers have saved lives and protected police officers.

In a 2011 CNN Money article, Taser CEO Rick Smith argued that police surveys show the devices have saved 75,000 lives. The article also reports a 2009 Police Executive Research Forum study that says officer injuries drop 76 percent when a Taser is used for protection. 

Earlier this week,

According to police, the woman was asked to leave the store by management after she had been "videotaping" other customers. When she returned two days later, store managers called police.

However, the woman claims she does not speak English and therefore could not understand the Apple employees or the police officers.

A nearby shopper caught video of the Taser incident, which shows police arresting Xiaojie. Viewers can hear the apparent screams from Xiaojie as well as the buzzing of the Taser.

TELL US: Do police use Tasers too much? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Drew V December 14, 2012 at 05:52 AM
jonathan January 24, 2013 at 01:49 AM
Yes. Police do need to use this tasers. They need more training on how to use them appropriately and repercussions when they do not. Taser wants to sell tasers. The dangers extend far beyond the deaths and the overdeployment of tasers at routine traffic stops, mall confrontations, etc … is completely under-reported and under-documented. One US citizen dies every week from a taser. The injuries from tasers and the lawsuits are squashed by the US state commonwealth attorneys and court systems immediately protecting their own but the damages are mounting. Though that is a backwards way of solving what every one agrees is a necessary and useful tool for the police. Using a (non lethal) weapon does not absolve Taser or the Police from violence and injury against non violent citizens. Unfortunately that is exactly how prevalent taser use is in this country. It is not ok to shoot barbed fishing hooks at a citizen ( eyes ? ) then running voltage through them, repeatedly, unless their was a verifiable threat. Unverifiable threats are not threats just because the police "say so".


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