5 Things You Missed at the Board of Aldermen Meeting: Upcoming Food Truck Discussion, Committee Appointments

It was a relatively quiet meeting on Monday, Jan. 7. Here are a few things to note as the city of Newton starts a new year of government business.


1. Special permit/site plan approval extension

After taking a quick poll of the Land Use Committee, the full Board of Aldermen approved an extension to the amount of time it has to act on a special permit and site plan request for a project on Ripley Street. 

The extension, which runs until March 15, 2013, will allow the petitioner to appear in another working session with the Land Use Committee to discuss the project, according to a letter posted on the city's website. If passed by the aldermen, the permits would allow for additions to be built on the property at 9 Ripley St. 


2. Upcoming food truck and plastic bag fee discussion

Although the Programs & Services Committee did not have any items to report Monday night, Programs & Services Chair Amy Sangiolo noted that this Wednesday's meeting will include continued discussion on the potential for food trucks in Newton as well as a proposed plastic bag fee. 

Sangiolo said the committee will likely not vote on the items Wednesday night and instead assign subgroups that will be tasked with researching the proposals. 

The Programs & Services Committee will meet on the items this Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 7:45 p.m. in room 222 at City Hall.


3. Funding for destroyed salt shed

When Hurricane Sandy hit in October, the Department of Public Works' salt shed was damaged beyond repair. The mayor is now seeking $17,480 from the fiscal 2013 budget reserve to fund demolition costs for the shed. Last night, the full board voted to send this item to the Finance Committee for consideration.


4. Committee appointments

The full board approved last night several committee appointments that had previously been approved in subcommittee. The appointments include:

  • Newton resident Tabetha McCartney re-appointed to the Planning and Development Board
  • Newton Centre resident Marc Resnick appointed to the Design Review Committee
  • Newton Upper Falls resident James Purdy appointed to the Energy Commission


5. Police chief search committee

Now that the Police Chief Search Committee members have been nominated, the Board of Aldermen voted last night to send the list of committee members to the Public Safety Committee for consideration. 

The Public Safety & Transportation Committee will discuss the item at its meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 7:45 p.m. in room 202 at City Hall.


All items were approved 21-0-3, with Ald. Mitch Fischman, Marcia Johnson and Carleton Merrill absent.


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