A Glimpse at U.S. Senate Candidate Campaign Finances

A look at candidates who hope to challenge U.S. Sen. Scott Brown — and how much money they've raised so far.

With speculation this week about whether Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren might join the race to become Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in 2012, Patch decided to check in on the candidates who have already declared their interest in unseating Scott Brown.

Although the primary is more than a year away, a bevy of at least six candidates has been campaigning hard.

But will the door-to-door, town-to-town campaigning actually work and bring back Brown's seat to the Democrats? Some of the candidates say they have the start they need to do just that.

"We believe this is a strong start for a first-time statewide candidate," said Setti Warren's press secretary Chuck Gilboy. He said the Newton mayor has raised more than $122,000 since starting his campaign in early May.

In comparison, Scott Brown had raised more than $647,000 in his first three months of campaigning after he declared in September 2009 he was running for the late Ted Kennedy's seat. This is according to 2009-2010 campaign finance information from the Federal Election Commission (FEC). 

According to current campaign finance information, Brown has more than $9.6 million on hand.

Candidate Tom Conroy's campaign manager, Jonathan Saxton, says the Wayland candidate has been making progress by walking through Massachusetts towns and meeting with constituents. 

"In every town we are reaching key leaders and Democratic primary voters, along with all sorts of other people. The impact of this is huge out here where communities are tight-knit, and politicians, either elected or as candidates, rarely spend much time," Saxton said. 

Here is a summary of how much money has been raised so far by declared Democratic candidates, as provided by their campaigns. Some information was also provided by the FEC.

Candidate Campaign Start Date Money Raised Primary Source Apprx. Number of Campagin Stops Alan Khazei April 26, 2011 $930,000 Individual donors (1,150) 30 Bob Massie Jan. 10, 2011 $173,000 Individual donors (507) 50 Setti Warren May 9, 2011 $122,700 Individual donors (345) 40 Marisa DeFranco March 18, 2011 $9,000 Individual donors & two in-kind donations 75 Tom Conroy June 2, 2011 $61,000 Individual donors (105) 32 Herb Robinson* May 27, 2011 $0 N/A 15

*According the the FEC, Robinson has contributed $2,331 of his own money to his campaign.

Editor's Note: The Federal Election Commission website lists James C. King, a Boston lawyer, as a candidate for the Senate seat. However, King did not return a phone call to confirm this information.


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