City Launches Another Investigation into Newton Police Department Behavior

A full investigative report on the Newton Police Chief has raised concerns about other employees in the department.

The details of an investigation into Newton Police Chief Matthew Cummings have opened the door to other concerns about behavior in the city's police department.

The 12-page report, issued by independent consultant Ed Mitnick, lists a number of instances of inappropriate behavior and has prompted the city to launch another investigation into the department, according to a report in the Boston Globe. 

The latest investigation involves a specific complaint that a captain made inappropriate comments to a pregnant officer.

Mayor Setti Warren told the Globe that until the latest investigation is complete, he will hold off on making any conclusions about the department's behavior as a whole.

For more details: "Full report on Newton police chief raises more questions about behavior at the agency" - Boston Globe

The city hired Mitnick and launched the investigation into Cummings in May of this year, after Cummings' former secretary, Jeanne Sweeney Mooney, filed a complaint with the city claiming Cummings' verbally humiliated her.

The investigation concluded that there was  to Mooney and the other female employees.

Warren placed Cummings on administrative leave in late August and said at that time he was taking steps toward removing Cummings from the department. 

The city will hold a public dismissal hearing for Cummings on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012.

Meanwhile, Mooney is currently facing larceny charges out of Framingham District Court on allegations from the Newton Police that she stole $660 from the department as well as destroyed $1,500 in checks and a schedule of the fee payments. She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment last week and will be back in court on Oct. 29. 

The theft allegedly happened a year ago and Mooney has been on paid administrative leave since September 2011.

Mooney claims the theft charges are retaliation for her civil claims against Cummings. In addition to the complaint against Cummings, she has also filed a complaint with the city demanding $600,000 in damages.


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