Creem, Mermell Will Not Run for Congress

Newton's Cindy Creem and Brookline Selectwoman Jesse Mermell both announced today that they are not planning to run for the Fourth Congressional District seat.

Less than a week after , two local pols are saying that they will not run for the seat currently held by Barney Frank.

Sen. Cindy Creem (D-Newton) told Patch today she does not intend to run for the Fourth District seat, which will be vacated at the end of 2012 . 

"I can do much more and accomplish much more here than if I go to Washington," Creem said today. 

In addition, Creem said the information she's received about the political "climate" in Washington D.C. has deterred her from running for Congress; here in Massachusetts, she is able to work with politicians "on both sides of the aisle."

"Every issue is not a partisan issue here, as it is [in Washington]," Creem said.

Creem said she has not yet thrown her support behind a particular Congressional campaign, but will be hearing out the candidates' ideas in the coming weeks and months.

Next door in Brookline, Selectwoman Jesse Mermell also announced via e-mail and Twitter today she will not run for the Democratic nomination for the Fourth Congressional District seat.

Both Creem and Mermell had been suggested by some sources as potential replacements for Frank. 

"I remain dedicated to public service, both as a Brookline selectman and as state director for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired," Mermell said in a statement. "There are immense challenges before us on the local, state, and national levels. It is incumbent on all of us to play our part, and help lead the debate in the right direction."

Today's announcements leave the Democratic race, formally, where it stood previously, with Brookline's Jules Levine and  running. We hear  as well, and has . 

On the Republican side,  recently tweeted his plans to make an announcement later this month regarding another run for Congress. Brookline School Committee member and Republican Elizabeth Childs has already announced she will run for the Republican nomination.


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