Five Things You Missed at the Feb. 21 Board of Aldermen Meeting

A few items of note from Tuesday night's meeting.

1. Reorganization of the Licensing Board of Commissioners Director/Agent. After the board , the item was placed back on the new board's docket at the start of this year. Alderman Brian Yates chartered (postponed) the item at the last board meeting on Feb. 6, and the full board decided Tuesday night to send the item to the Programs & Services Committee for further consideration. The reorganization would move the licensing director position from the Veterans' Services Department to the Health Department. 

2. Free parking meters during holiday season. Back on Dec. 19, the full board voted "no action necessary" on this item and it was reconsidered Tuesday night. The item proposes making parking meters in shopping districts free between Thanksgiving and New Year's to help drive traffic to local businesses. The board decided Tuesday night to send the item to the Public Safety and Finance committees for further consideration. 

3. Appointing James Mitchell to the ZBA. The board decided Tuesday night to send this item back to the Zoning and Planning Committee for further consideration after some board members raised concern about the number of boards Mitchell currently serves on. Also, it was noted that the Executive Office said that they had a number of other applicants looking to serve on boards. 

4. Angier Elementary feasibility study. Following , Finance Committee, Public Facilities and Programs & Services Committee, the full Board of Aldermen voted 19-0 to approve the funding ($750,000) for an feasibility study. City health insurance savings will cover the cost of the study, which will look into the rebuilding of the 90-year-old Waban school. Note: Five aldermen were absent during the Tuesday meeting including Amy Sangiolo, Susan Albright, Mitchell Fischman, Vicki Danberg and Greg Schwartz.) 

5. Additional funds for Police Headquarters entrance. The board voted 19-0 to approve an additional $74,503 for a new entrance at the . At a Feb. 8 Public Safety and Transportation Committee meeting, the department explained that the additional funds would cover a higher grade of bulletproof glass used in the new entrance. This will make the lobby more secure and safe for the officer or employee working at the front desk. 


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