Letter: Fitzgibbons Announces Candidacy for NDCC Chair

A letter from NDCC Vice-Chair Shawn Fitzgibbons announcing his candidacy for chair of the committee.

Campaign 2012 will be a year of change for Newton Democrats. We must elect new Democrats to the U.S. Senate and House while also ensuring Obama's re-election. Here in Newton, we must be as prepared as ever to deliver the votes for our candidates. 

The benefit of such a tremendous election year is the opportunity to improve our local Democratic organization. It is critical that we focus on moving forward with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Our campaign organization should be stronger than ever. We need to welcome those who would like to be involved for the first time in our work and encourage new ideas. For those reasons, many have concluded that it is time to have new City Committee leadership. 

Thus, after considerable thought and extensive consultation with members, Hannah Banks and I now offer ourselves, two experienced and passionate Democratic leaders, as your next NDCC leadership team. If you elect us, I would respectfully serve you as NDCC Chair; and Hannah would do the same as Vice-Chair.

In the days and weeks to come, Hannah and I will be in touch with you personally to discuss this further. We will also provide more information through our web site, mailings and meetings throughout our city. We eagerly look forward to this conversation because service and civic engagement have been the cornerstones of our lives and careers. 

Please consider voting for me and Hannah Banks as the next Chair and Vice-Chair of your NDCC. We are joining together as partners to work with you for the brightest future of the Newton Democratic Party.  


Shawn Fitzgibbons
300 Homer Street
Newton, MA 

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