Letter: I Applaud Senator Brown

A local student wrote to Newton Patch to express her support for a recent wind energy bill introduced by Sen. Scott Brown.

I applaud the support we have seen from Senator Brown on wind energy, especially considering the announcement [on March 15] that he has helped to introduce a bill that would renew Production Tax Credits for wind for two years.  However, a similar measure was shot down earlier this week so Senator Brown and his colleagues need to go the extra mile to make sure that we maximize this second chance for change.

A renewal of the PTC would mean creating or saving 54,000 jobs nationwide.  It is a critical incentive that keeps the wind industry growing, which means expansions of clean energy jobs in Massachusetts and across the country.

Senator Brown should continue to work to pass this measure, and ensure that his colleagues in the Senate join him in supporting a renewal of the PTC this year.

Caroline Suttlehan
Boston College Class of 2015


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