MIT's West Newton Village Area Plan Now Available

The area plan, which was developed by MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning, looks at a number of aspects including land use, parking, circulation and open space.

Following months of research and , graduate students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have released their final recommendations to develop and improve the village of West Newton. 

In the report, MIT students outline various planning areas including parking, traffic circulation, land use and open space. 

To view the full report, click the .pdf to the right. 

"Our plan fosters a vibrant environment where local businesses and institutions thrive in the Village Core, providing the places where neighbors and visitors gather, shop, work and play," the report's introduction reads. 

The study of West Newton has involved graduate students from the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning who studied West Newton and its potential for growth and redevelopment.

According to the report, the graduate students suggest larger, more "intense" development near the West Newton village center that transitions into smaller buildings closer to the residential area. 

Toward the end of the 160-page report, the students hone in on four West Newton parcels called "catalyst sites." The students provided specific recommendations for these sites, which include:

  • East Washington Street - Students envision this section as "a green corridor. "Greening Washington Street will activate this space by providing more opportunities for recreation and multiple modes of transportation. The result is increased connectivity with the surrounding area and greater accessibility for different kinds of users."
  • The East Gateway - This area is between Washington Street, Cheesecake Brook, Davis Court and Dunstan Street. "[The parcels] provide a rich opportunity for development of a vibrant mix of new housing, shops, services, and open space, providing a sweeping change from the drab auto-oriented uses that occupy the site today"
  • The Village Center - The report highlights improvements to the center's pedestrian and traffic flow, including the Washington Street and Watertown Street intersection as well as a new Commuter Rail station. "The Village Center would be the heart of the Washington Street corridor in West Newton and would be full of some of West Newton’s strongest cultural and commercial assets."
  • West Washington Street - Similar to the village center, the plan looks to extend the development down Washington Street. "An overarching vision for this area is to extend the character of the Village Center a block westward."

MIT students have done similar projects in Newton with . 

Hilary Bialek March 27, 2012 at 12:48 AM
This is great! I was eagerly awaiting their thoughts about how to improve the area. I couldn't find the pdf, however.
Melanie Graham March 27, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Hi Hilary -- A copy of the .pdf is under the media section above (where the photo is). There are three .pdfs and the full report is the third .pdf above.


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