Newton Mayor to Hold Additional Town Hall Meetings on Override Proposal

The next meeting will be held tomorrow, Jan. 27 at the Pellegrini Field House in Nonantum.

Newton Mayor Setti Warren has scheduled additional town hall meetings to discuss his proposed $11.4 million override.

The next town hall meeting will be held Sunday, Jan. 27 at 1 p.m. in the Pellegrini Field House on Hawthorn Street in Nonantum. 

Other upcoming town hall meetings include:

  • Thursday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. at the Scandinavian Living Center
  • Sunday, Feb. 10 at 1 p.m. in the Ward Elementary School gym
  • Sunday, Feb. 10 at 3:30 p.m. at Oak Hill Middle School
  • Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. at Mason Rice Elementary School 

Newton voters will head to the polls on March 12 to consider three separate override questions. Overall, the proposed override package includes:

  • An $8.4 million operational override that includes $4.5 million to help with high student enrollment (teachers and short-term space); $500,000 for police personnel and equipment; $1 million for street and sidewalk repair; $800,000 for renovation and rebuilding of Fire Station #3 and Fire Headquarters; $1.6 million to renovate/expand Zervas Elementary.
  • A debt exclusion for Angier Elementary School rebuilding
  • A debt exclusion for Cabot Elementary School rebuilding/renovation

“We need this override if we want to modernize our dilapidated and outdated facilities, create space and hire teachers for the huge influx of students in our schools, repair crumbling roads and sidewalks, and improve public safety,” Warren said in a statement. “The Town Halls are a place where city leaders and residents can have an open dialogue about the override package and why it’s so critical to Newton’s future.”

Other town hall meetings have already been held at Cabot and Angier schools. 

According to city officials, if all three overrides pass, the average Newton tax bill will increase by approximately 50 cents for every $1,000 valuation of a home. This amounts to an average of $343 per year, based on Newton's median home price of $686,000.

Adam Maleson January 27, 2013 at 06:27 AM
Proposition 2 1/2 exists for a reason: Financial Accountability. That is a reason Newton's irresponsible, wasteful, greedy politicians do not wish to acknowledge and are probaly incapable of even comprehending. The reason we need these long overdue repairs to the elementary schools is entirely the result of the perennial shortsightedness of Newton's political syndicate. We do not need an override of the well-reasoned tax increase limitations of Propsoition 2 1/2. We could have these 12 million dollars by simply slashing in half the top 200 highest paid city employees' salaries. This is the obvious solution. So why has nobody thought of it? That too, is obvious. They are greedy selfish people who have no intention of giving back a penny of their own inflated salaries. But they don't mind in the least raising the taxes of everyone else in the city, everyone else whose taxes are already the source of these inflated salaries. Voters and taxpayers of Newton, don't take this economic abuse lying down. Speak out loud and clear against this override, and VOTE AGAINST it on March 12. 2013 MUST be the year in which the BUCK STOPS. Stand up to these bullying thieving lying politicians. Do it now, and do it loud and clear and unequivocally. Tell these greedy wasteful politicians to take their override, and tell them explicitly where they can put it.


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