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Parks & Recreation Dept. Settles in at New Location

The Parks & Recreation Commissioner sent a letter to Crescent Street residents last week thanking them for their hospitality over the last 41 years. The Parks & Recreation Department recently moved from its location at 41 Crescent Street to a new spot in

After 41 years at , the Parks & Recreation Department has finally settled in at its new location in Newton Corner. 

The new office is located at the Chaffin Estate (also known as the former Newton Corner Library) at 124 Vernon St. . 

Following the move, Parks & Recreation Department Commissioner Robert DeRubeis sent a letter last week to the department's former neighbors on Crescent Street, thanking them for their "hospitality" over the last four decades. 

"Your hospitality always made us feel welcome; we will surely miss our friends and neighbors in Auburndale," DeRubeis says in his letter. 

To read DeRubeis' full letter, click the .pdf to the right.

DeRubeis says in his letter that a Joint Advisory Planning Group (JAPG) will be formed in the coming weeks and will be tasked with discussing future plans for the Crescent Street building. , the members of the group will be appointed by the mayor and Board of Aldermen. 

In the meantime, the former Crescent Street office will be winterized, DeRubeis explains, and the maintenance division will remain in the garage behind the old office. The maintenance division will eventually move over to the building on Eliot Street where the DPW and Public Buildings Department currently reside. 

What do you think should be done to the Crescent Street property? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below!

David Snieckus February 02, 2012 at 04:38 PM
I would love to see the Crescent Street property used to teach individuals how to select, prepare and eat towards a plant-based diet. I'm an abutter to 70 Crescent Street ( I live at #99) and when I got the initial letter from Robert DeRubeis dated September 13, 2011 I immediately petitioned the neighborhood homes, the abutters, and have three pages of signatures for a Natural Foods Cooking School that would teach the employees and the citizens of the Garden City on how to use their kitchens as Wellness Centers. I also have flyer called CANCER FREE NEWTON available upon request. david snieckus 99 Crescent Street Newton, MA 02466 617-964-2951
Jay Wright September 10, 2012 at 09:51 PM
I am in agreement with David Snieckus as we as a nation are getting increasingly unhealthy i.e. obese, type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc... There, at 70 Crescent Street, David's suggestion of having a Natural Foods Cooking School would be a most appropriate utilization for the betterment of the community, than...more housing!!! The replacing of the "Recreation Dept" with a "Healthy" Learning School seems to me very similar to it's objective! To me it's a no-brainer! Jay Wright Immediate Abutter/ Former Resident of 30 years of 76 Crescent Street Newton, MA 02466
Jay Wright September 10, 2012 at 09:54 PM
David I am in complete agreement with you! Jay Wright


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