Scott Lennon Announces Bid for Newton Ward 1 Alderman-at-Large

Lennon currently serves as the Ward Alderman for Ward 1.

Ward 1 Alderman and Board of Aldermen President Scott Lennon announced Sunday his bid for the Ward 1 alderman-at-large seat. 

In a statement emailed to Newton Patch Sunday afternoon, Lennon declared his candidacy for the seat recently vacated by Ward 1 Alderman-at-Large Carleton Merrill, who passed away last month.

Lennon has served as the ward alderman in Ward 1 for 11 years and has held the board president position for the last two terms.

Ward aldermen are elected only by the voters in their home ward, whereas aldermen-at-large are elected by voters across the city. 

"Although I have been a ward alderman for all this time, I have always considered myself to be accessible and responsive to the entire city, and have consistently weighed how aldermanic decisions affected not just my own particular ward but all of Newton," Lennon said in his statement. "By now running for alderman-at-large, I can more effectively further my goal to be officially accountable to all the citizens of this great city where I was born and raised."

With Lennon joining the race for Ward 1 alderman-at-large, the city appears to have another contested race for November. Last week, former Alderman Allan Ciccone Sr. announced his plans to run for the Ward 1 alderman-at-large seat. Ciccone's son, Allan (Jay) Ciccone Jr., currently serves as the other alderman-at-large from Ward 1.

In other Board of Aldermen political news, Ward 5 looks to have another contested race, as Waban resident Chris Steele announced his candidacy for an alderman-at-large seat last week. 

Former Ward 8 Alderman-at-Large Rick Lipof also announced last week his plans to run again.

Harry Sanders February 11, 2013 at 02:01 PM
In honor of Carleton Merrill, we are looking for fellow civic minded individuals to run for alderman at large taking the Sherman Pledge of 'if elected-will not serve'. The idea being that since the BOA is home rule petitioning around the city charter on the special election matter, why not performance base by also asking the legislature to reduce one at-large seat from each ward. It has become apparent for over 40 years that the self serving members of the Board care more about themselves than they do about those they legislate. If interested, please email me at downsizetheboardcomcast.net
Adam Maleson February 11, 2013 at 04:40 PM
No election in which only one name is on the ballot should be considered vaild. That's not democracy, it's soviet-style sham elections. NO SHOE-IN CANDIDATES! No politicians without incentive to care about voters when there was no alternative candidates to choose from.


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