See Where Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Could be Placed in Newton

If a facility comes to Newton, it can only go in limited areas in the city.

Monday night, the Board of Aldermen approved zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries in Newton that would restrict them to commercial zones outside of village centers.

The vote was 21-1, with Alderman Leonard Gentile casting the lone "no" vote. 

For a dispensary to come to Newton, it will have to get a special permit and it  would be restricted to Business 2, Business 5 and Mixed Use 1 Areas which are areas that are not in village centers, according to the report from the Board of Aldermen.

Under Massachusetts law, the dispensaries cannot be within 500 feet of schools, daycares and other places where children congregate, nor can they be within 500 feet of a house of worship.

Newton had a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries coming to town, which was set to end at the end of the year. The Alderman's Zoning & Planning Committee approved end of the moratorium and supported the zoning changees last month. The committee spent several months discussing issues around marijuana dispensaries and held two public hearings.

The state law approved 35 dispensaries for Massachusetts with a maximum of five per county. In Middlesex County, a preliminary list of 47 applicants was narrowed to 17 in phase 2 of the process. Two list Newton as a place where they would seek to start a facility. In early 2014, the list of groups that receive provisional licenses to open dispensaries will be announced, according to information on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website. Click here to see more
Bonnie December 05, 2013 at 08:40 AM
So how do we find out where they could potentially be located. Telling us the business zone and the restrictions isn't really helpful.
Choo Choo December 08, 2013 at 08:10 PM
I have used methotrexate for the past 37 years for arthritis. It's too bad that folks like Lennie Gentile have not experienced what it is like to take chemotherapy. While the dosage I take is low compared to what patients with pediatric leukemia take, I still get nausea, some acid reflux, and loss of appetite. I have to wonder if Mr. Gentile took the time to consult with his colleagues, with medical specialists, or with chemo-users before he made his lone stand against medical marijuana. One more reason why I won't vote for him again!
Bonnie December 09, 2013 at 08:43 AM
Choo Choo, Sadly I think the experience people have seen with the California Medical Marijuana program has made people skeptic. It appears that in CA all you have to do is say you want it and you get it. My sister went through chemo and THC helped her tremendously. I think it has a purpose but we need to make sure it isn't abused.
Choo Choo December 15, 2013 at 09:56 PM
I do not know all the details about California's experience. Did liquor consumption diminish when THC became available? I very rarely drink because it's not good for the liver while on chemo. Given how all the prejudice against THC began, does that prejudice permeate sceptism? Since THC is readily available on the street, how much does that product contribute to the drug trade and to corruption. I know you're probably thinking about the US's experience with Prohibition. Can that be a lesson for THC? Once the city establishes the THC areas, more discussion will occur.


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