Speaker to Revisit Bill to Publicize Sex Offenders

If passed, the law would allow the public to access information about Level 1 sex offenders.

In the wake of last week's horrific news of a Wakefield man arrested on charges that he raped infants and toddlers, House Speaker Robert DeLeo said he will take another look at legislation to publicize names of low-level sex offenders, according to a Boston Herald report

The proposed law, filed by Gov. Deval Patrick last year but stalled in the Legislature, would add Massachusetts to the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act and allow the public to see which Level 1 offenders, deemed the least likely to reoffend by the Sex Offender Registry Board, live or work in their neighborhoods. Currently, the police are required to publicize the names of Level 3 offenders, who are consider the most likely to reoffend. 

The issue is being revisited in light of the fact that John Burbine of Wakefield, .

Burbine was listed as a  Level 1 sex offender after he was was convicted in 1989 of indecent assault and battery on a child. 

The proposed bill would have made information of Burbine's previous conviction public. 

“In the coming days, Speaker DeLeo will meet with law enforcement from the affected communities and give serious consideration to the bill in question as well as other options to address these types of sickening crimes,” DeLeo spokesman Seth Gitell told the Herald.

Valerie Parkhurst December 15, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Any lowlife convicted of a sexually based crime needs to have his info for the world to see. Teir Levels are misleading and dont take into account "escalating behavors". The latest studies indicate Level Two's reoffend rates top Level threes, so no help there. Tier Levels is a government racket that is directly proportionate to "Oversite" the lower the Tier? The Less Oversite, add to the mix ,Level one's not being publized and its a recipe for a disaster. Its no secret what will land a person on a sex offender registry in this day and age, despite what sex offenders and their advocates "RSOL" want you to believe..But it stems from the very real aspect most of these freaks will use the "warm body" theory to get off, no more, no less..Knowledge is power and the Power (thru the registry) to know who will tear your families world apart is priceless..Parents should check it daily..


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