What is the Smoking Policy at Newton's High Schools?

You ask, Patch answers.

Earlier this week, we received a reader question asking about the smoking policy at Newton's high schools.

While driving by the school the other morning, our reader noticed some teens smoking by the tennis courts at Newton South during school hours. 

I know back in my high school, students couldn't smoke anywhere near school property (most kids would hide in the car to get a few in drags before school).

So, we thought it was a perfect question for our You Ask, Patch Answers. Here's what we found out:

According to the Newton Public Schools' 2012-2013 Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, the district’s tobacco is as follows:

In accordance with G.L. c.71, §2A, it is the policy of the Newton Public Schools to prohibit the use of all tobacco products within all school facilities, on all school grounds, and on all school buses by any individual, including school personnel.  In addition, at Newton North High School, there are further restrictions as specified in the “Smoke Free Zone Ordinance” passed by the Board of Alderman on December 17, 2007.

The "smoke free zone" ordinance (Ch. 20-7) also prohibits smoking in the following city areas:

i. Upon the sidewalk at: Albermarle Road, East side of easterly roadway from its intersection with Watertown Street northerly 299 feet; Edinboro Street, West side from its intersection with Watertown Street northerly 257 feet; Watertown Street, North side from its intersection with Albermarle Road (easterly roadway) easterly to its intersection with Edinboro Street;

ii. Upon the sidewalk or other public property within a nine hundred (900) foot perimeter of the property line of Newton North High School grounds

TELL US: Do you think smoking is a problem around Newton's high schools? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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