When is the Deadline to Register to Vote for the Newton Override Election?

Information on voter registration and absentee ballot applications for the March 12 special override election.


There is just a month left before Newton voters will head to the polls to decide whether to support Mayor Setti Warren's proposed $11.4 million override package. 

, including an $8.4 million operating override and two debt exclusion overrides for the rebuilding of Angier and Cabot elementary schools. 

As time ticks down to the special election, so does the time to register to vote. But when is the deadline?

According to information provided by the Newton League of Women Voters, residents must register by Wednesday, Feb. 20. The Newton Election Commission will be open until 8 p.m. on Feb. 20 to accommodate any last-minute registrations.

Absentee ballot applications are due by noon on Monday, March 11.

Below are more details from the Newton LWV on voter registration and absentee ballots:

If you are not registered, you just turned 18, or you recently moved:

  • Deadline to register: Wednesday, Feb. 20
  • Voter registration forms can be turned in to the Newton Election Commission in person until Feb. 20 at 8 p.m.
  • Voter registration forms are available through the Newton Election Commission, Newton Free Library or online

If you need to reapply for absentee ballots for 2013:

  • Absentee ballot applications are due to the Newton Election Commission by Monday, March 11 at noon
  • You can apply for an absentee ballot by mail (allow time for it to be mailed to you and your travel to the Election Commission office) 
  • Or, you can download and print out an absentee application online
  • If you voted by absentee last year and need to do so again for the March 12 special election, you must reapply (applications expired Dec. 31, 2012)

If you voted in person during the Nov. 6 presidential election and have not moved:

  • You are all set!

The Election Commission Office is located at Newton City Hall, Room 106. If you have any questions, the Commission can be reached by telephone at 617-796-1350.

The above information was provided by the Newton League of Women Voters.

Check out this page for complete coverage of the Newton override proposal and vote.

NEIL RONCHINSKY February 13, 2013 at 05:30 PM
We were promised that we could afford that horrible, overpriced high school. The cost of that atrocity could have paid the much needed renovations on ALL of our crumbling elementary schools. Let the lying, fat(not weight) local bastard politicians sleep in the bed they have made. Vote NO NO NO. And if thats not enough, take a page out of the democrats playbook and vote NO NO NO again!


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