Who Pulled Papers for the 2013 Newton Municipal Election?

Yesterday was the first day nomination papers were available for the fall municipal election.

Election day in Newton is still five months away, but the (potential) races have begun. 

Yesterday was the first day candidates could officially take out nomination papers for the November 5, 2013 municipal election.

So, how many people pulled papers on the first day?

As of 3:30 p.m. on May 1, a dozen potential candidates took out nomination papers at the Election Commission office at City Hall. The residents who pulled papers include:

  • Allan Ciccone Sr. for Ward 1 alderman
  • Jack Leader for Ward 2 alderman
  • Ruth Goldman for Ward 6 School Committee seat
  • Ellen Gibson for Ward 1 School Committee seat
  • Marc Laredo for Ward 7 alderman-at-large (incumbent)
  • R. Lisle Baker for Ward 7 alderman (incumbent)
  • Christopher Steele for Ward 5 alderman-at-large
  • Brian Yates for Ward 5 alderman-at-large (incumbent)
  • Victoria Danberg for Ward 6 aldermn-at-large (incumbent)
  • Allan (Jay) Ciccone Jr. for Ward 1 alderman-at-large (incumbent)
  • Margaret Albright for Ward 2 School Committee seat
  • Emily Norton for Ward 2 alderman

Nomination papers must be signed by the required number of voters and returned to the Election Commission by Tuesday, July 30.

The city's charter states that candidates running for alderman-at-large and School Committee must collect 150 signatures before the nomination papers are certified. Aldermen-at-large and School Committee seats are elected by all city voters.

Ward aldermen, who are only elected by residents in their home ward, must gather 50 signatures.

Mayoral candidates must collect 400 signatures, the charter says.

All 24 Board of Aldermen and eight School Committee seats are up for reelection this fall. The office of mayor is also up for reelection, and Mayor Setti Warren announced last summer his plans to run for a second term.

If needed, a municipal primary election will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013. A primary will be held if the number of candidates totals one more than twice the number of open seats; for example, a primary will be held if there are three candidates for one School Committee seat.

While papers were not officially available until May 1, several residents already announced their plans to run in the fall election. Check our 2013 Newton Municipal Election page for full coverage on the candidates.

Correction: A typo in an earlier version of this article listed Yates as running for Ward 6. He, of course, is running in Ward 5!


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