A Guide to the Fall 2011 Newton Municipal Election

Everything you need to know before voting tomorrow.

After months of campaigning and debate, Newton voters will head to the polls tomorrow to elect new members to the Board of Aldermen and School Committee. 

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (locations listed below)

Newton Patch will be live tomorrow with coverage from the polls and results at the end of the night courtesy of the Newton Election Commission. Make sure to check back and let us know how the polls are looking and your thoughts on the winners. 

Information to review before tomorrow:

How does it work?

  • Each ward has two aldermen-at-large, which are voted on by everyone in the city. The ward's one ward alderman, however, is elected only by the people in his/her ward. 
  • Each ward also has one, at-large School Committee representative, a position that every voter in the city elects. 

How YOU can contribute

  • We'll be posting an update from the polls during the day where you can comment on the story with the number ballot you were at your precinct. This will let readers know how many Newton residents are getting out there to vote.
  • You can also upload photos from polling locations or candidate parties to any of our election coverage stories. Just click the "add your photos" link below the photo box to the right.
  • Use our to comment on stories and post photos to our election stories. 
  • Post any updates or election support messages on our shout wall located on the right side of our homepage

Candidate Q&As


School Committee:

  • Note: Ward 6 School Committee member Claire Sokoloff (running for re-election uncontested) did not answer the Patch questionnaire.

Contested races:

Letters to the editor:

  •  for all the letters supporting candidates for tomorrow's election.


Check out the .pdf section above to see samples of the ballots for tomorrow's election. 

Polling Locations

Below is a list of the polling locations for the city. Check out the Election Commission's handy tool to find what ward and precinct you live in.

Ward 1
Precinct 1: , 191 Pearl St.
Precinct 2:  #1, 241 Church St.
Precinct 3: , 42 Vernon St.
Precinct 4: , 11 Hawthorn St.

Ward 2
Precinct 1: , 687 Watertown St.
Precinct 2: , 229 Cabot St.
Precinct 3: , 345 Walnut St.

Ward 3
Precinct 1: Newton Community Service Center, 492 Waltham St.
Precinct 2: , 170 Temple St.
Precinct 3: Newton Community Service Center, 492 Waltham St.
Precinct 4: , 125 Derby St.

Ward 4
Precinct 1: , 171 Pine St.
Precinct 2: , 545 Grove St.
Precinct 3: , 141 Grove St.
Precinct 4: , 171 Pine St.

Ward 5
Precinct 1: , 51 Pettee St.
Precinct 2: , 90 Lincoln St.
Precinct 3: , 30 Beethoven Ave.
Precinct 4: , 30 Beethoven Ave.

Ward 6
Precinct 1: , 280 Cypress St.
Precinct 2: Weeks House, 7 Hereward Road
Precinct 3: , 90 Lincoln St.
Precinct 4: , 149 Pleasant St.

Ward 7
Precinct 1: Church of the Redeemer, 379 Hammond St.
Precinct 2: , 42 Vernon St. 
Precinct 3: , 10 Dolphin Road
Precinct 4: , 10 Dolphin Road

Ward 8
Precinct 1: 
, 130 Wheeler Rd.
Precinct 2: 
, 250 Brookline St.
Precinct 3: 
, 191 Dedham St.
Precinct 4: 
Shuman Community Center, 675 Saw Mill Brook Parkway

Charlie Shapiro November 07, 2011 at 12:14 PM
This is the best election summary I've seen anywhere..great job Melanie...great job Newton Patch! To Patch readers: I've enjoyed serving on your behalf over the past two years and I'd appreciate your vote so I can serve a second term working to improve Newton for all of us. For more info, please visit my web site www.voteshapiro.org and please vote "Shapiro" for Alderman at Large (Ward 6) - on your ballot CITY-WIDE!
Steve Siegel November 07, 2011 at 07:45 PM
Hello Voters, Running a campaign includes managing an overwhelming array of details. One detail that got away from me is my response to the Patch Questionnaire sent our earlier during the campaign season. Please read my responses via this link: http://stevesiegel.org/2011/11/07/response-to-newton-patch-questions/ And please consider entrusting me with your vote tomorrow! (Remember that all School Committee seat are at large so you can vote for one candidate from each ward). Best regards, Steve Siegel Candidate for Newton School Committee, Ward 5 www.stevesiegel.org steve@stevesiegel.org 617-901-4959


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