Newton North Students to Re-Enact 'The Hunger Games'

The popular book was the selection for this year's "One School, One Book" program at Newton North.

Early next month, your son or daughter could be offered up in tribute in Newton's first Hunger Games. 

As part of the school's "One School, One Book" program, students at Newton North High School will be reenacting the Hunger Games on Tuesday, Oct. 2, according to a recent article in The Newtonite, Newton North's student paper.

The Hunger Games was this year's selection for the One School, One Book program, which is a variation of last year's Two Schools, One Book. Students and teachers are required to read the book and then incorporate its themes into various events, discussions and lesson plans. 

According to The Newtonite article, there will be a total of 26 "tributes" (student participants) chosen for the reenactment -- 13 boys and 13 girls -- who will compete in six challenges on the school's multi-purpose field. Four students will be eliminated in each challenge and the last two tributes will compete in a final challenge in the center of the field.

Students who were interested in the reenactment submitted their names last week and this Wednesday, Newton North Principal Jennifer Price will choose the 26 tributes, The Newtonite reported. 

Newton South is also holding a similar One School, One Book event this year around the novel The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.


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